I am Full Stack Python Dev located in Tampa, FL.

Here is short discribe what do I do in current job. All posts are kind of instructions firstly for me, and some config files may be do not accurate.

I have about 15+ years of cross-platform experience in system administration, DevOps, including installing, maintaining hardware, software.
- 7+ years of experience as WEB Developer creating and maintaining projects using libraries such as:
Django,  JQuery, Bootstrap,  and languages: Python, JavaScript, MySQL;
- 10+ years of experience as a System Administrator of Linux servers

My hobby is electronics system, Smart Home, Embedded systems.


OS: Linux Ubuntu/Cent OS;
Python Full Stack Dev;
Databases: MySQL, MSSQL;
System administration: Ubuntu, CentOS;
Other: JavaScript, GIT, Apache, Nginx, XML, JSON, XML-RPC, RESTfull;
Virtualization, VMware, Parallels Server Bare Metal, OpenVZ, Docker



- Graphite

- Nagios

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Python2.4  Python3.4